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Classic Verona: it usually includes: a tour by coach/car, if you come by coach/car, around the city during which you can see the monumental city gates (16th century) and the city walls (14th, 16th, 19th centuries), the church of S. Zeno (12th century, Romanic style), the castle of Castelvecchio (14th century), the Gavi Arch and Borsari Gate (Roman period - 2,000 years old), a view of the river Adige and the hills around the city, Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge, Roman period), the Roman Theatre (2,000 years old), a couple of other nice churches, plus a walk through the city centre, with visit to a tipical Medioeval-period street and its buildings, Romeo’s House, the Scala Family’s house and monumental graves, a couple of evocative courtyards with Roman remains, Dante Square, Erbe Square with its lively market, the famous Juliet’s House with the well-known balcony, and finally the 2,000 year old Roman amphitheatre called Arena. Info: e-mail: - Tel (+39) 347.034.37.55

Shakespeare in Verona: The tour includes the most charming places in Verona strictly connected with the famous love story ; medieval courtyards, streets and squares in the heart of Verona old town, Romeo's House, Juliet's House with its well-known balcony and Juliet's Tomb. The guide introdues also some important notions about Elisabethan Theatre and Shakespeare's life evoking the atmosphere and recreating the Romeo and Juliet's story. Info: e-mail: - Tel (+39) 347.034.37.55

Giusti Garden: Giusti Garden is the magnific exemple of gardens in the Italian manner. After the brief city-tour the Clients will be accompagned through the Giusti garden, one of the most beautiful late renaissance Italian gardens, which belongs to and is the splendid annex to Giusti Palace. Began at the end of the sixteenth century, the garden was gradually improved and completed. The central cypress line path divides the garden area from the wooded area and leads to a terrace with a grotto. From here, there are stairways for paths, and you climb up to the belvedere. The garden – as all renaissance gardens of the time – is animated with statues, among which there is the one of the fish pond, by Alessandro Vittoria, which Maffei describes and beautiful suitable for Roman monuments.. Info: e-mail: - Tel (+39) 347.034.37.55

Verona in the Moonlight: Painters, poets and musicians, travellers or just simple dreamers tried to find their inspiration in the most secret and mysterious streets of Verona, places where they could be followed only by the Moon. We'll show you these incredible places: the enchanting, hidden Verona. The tour starts from Ponte Pietra, continous along Via Sottoriva, Via Dante and Bocche di Leone, the Baroque XVII century Palazzo Maffei and the frescoed Casa Mazzanti. Then we'll go to see the Well of Love with its sad story about two lovers, the Arena at night with its romantic illumination, and finally Castelvecchio and its unique bridge. During this night walk we will recount the tales of artists and travellers who got in love with this intriguing and fascinating city: the city of lovers. Info: e-mail: - Tel: (+39) 347.034.37.55

Verona Noir: This tour brings you go back in time to the ages of darkness and fear, when nobody dared to go out in the lightless evening ...We will tell you about the most bloody events happened in Verona, about horrible secrets well-hidden across the old town. We'll visit the most important monuments of the city signed by murder, betrayal and sorrow such as the Arena amphitheatre, the Adige riverside, the Church of San Fermo, a view of Saint Peter's Castle, the Tombs of the Scala Family and much more ... Info: e-mail: - Tel: (+39) 347.034.37.55

The price for a half-day guided tour (about 2 ˝ hours) starts from Euro 120,00 up to 30 people, Euro 4,00 each person more. Info: e-mail: - Tel: (+39) 347.034.37.55

The price for a full-day guided tour (about 5 hours) starts from Euro 240,00 up to 30 persons, Euro 8,00 any further person. Info: e-mail: - Tel: (+39) 347.034.37.55

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